October 23, 2016
GreatCall for our wandering friends, and those who need some guidance/assistance for the highest level of independence. Affiliate Link. GPS. 24 hour nurse line. Medication reminders. Great products for special populations: autism, developmental delay, brain injury, head trauma, stroke, etc.

Great Product: GreatCall

GreatCall For Our Elopement/Wandering Friends Disclosure: I have a working, evolving relationship with One Great Call.  Affiliate Links are enclosed. GreatCall Not Just For Seniors GreatCall […]
October 19, 2016
Pica. Autism. ABA. Visual Supports. Boardmaker. Amazon Affiliate Links. Caregiver Support. Products that Help. Behavior Support

Methods to Madness: Pica

Different Methods This is an Amazon Affiliate Link.  Christmas is coming.  My kids thank you for shopping Amazon through my links. We tried some behavior methods […]
October 17, 2016
Pica Continued. Special Needs Parenting. About our family. Pica often a symptom of autism. Caregiver. Caregiver Support. Encouragement. Our Path.

Continued Discussion: Pica

Continued Continued discussion of the topic: Pica.  Pica as we last covered Worst Ride – Pica, is the digesting of non foods.  Our youngest has battled this […]

Most Helpful Posts

May 25, 2016
Resources for families with special needs

Resources to Help Those Who Need Extra Help

Resources!!  I just started this project, if I missed any diagnosis, please inform me.  I apologize!  Every diagnosis is equally important.  This is an Ever Growing/Living […]
May 2, 2016
type 1 diabetes. random diabetic facts. Insulin dependency.

Random Type 1 Diabetes Facts

See the below Info-graphic.  The other random fact is that Type 1 Diabetes can not be cured by any strange medical breakthroughs currently, or by diet and […]
April 24, 2016
save money. Parenting special needs. Diagnostic testing. Neuropsychology. Psychological testing. Developmental Pediatrician. Real Help

When Your Child Needs Extra Help Without Breaking the Bank$$

f78e6d6d8d246e9c5337ae9ff92a156d531b9a047dfa063d82 Help, most everyone wants to help their children if/when they need it.  So many families including my own have spent thousands of dollars trying to […]

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