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February 1, 2017
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February 6, 2017

3 Tools YOU NEED for Your Essential Oils Biz

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Young Living Tools for Success

These three tools will make your Oil’s Buziness on Fire, talking superfire: HOT!  They aren’t expensive, easy to use, and let’s dive in.  We needed these yesterday, so let’s order them already!

Tool 1

    1.  The first one is a book!  A great deal at under $20.00.  No matter the price tag, it would be worth every penny.  This book is gold on paper!  It covers the author’s process, journey, etc. from Starter Kit to Diamond.  She did it in under three years, guys!  Wow!  Mind blown.

I love the author’s story, Sarah Harnisch, completely identifying with her beginnings in much the same state I am in as a single mom. It is beyond inspiring. I downloaded the Kindle App and have been devouring this book. Implementing her strategy is a breeze.  She has everything broken down in a beautifully simple way.

Another wonderful benefit of this book is all the hands on resources she gives. From a smoothie recipe, to videos to catch on different avenues, to books she recommends, it all makes me feel… equipped. This book gives me the tools I have been looking for, to practically impact my business.

Simply, I can not say enough wonderful things about this book. Although, it is not just this book. Because the book impacted me so greatly, I ordered another resource under the same umbrella.

Tool 1.5 (you’ll follow as you read along – Promise)…

I ordered six of these smaller books to help put a vision in front of friends of the income we can earn! Sarah Harnisch, the author is such a visionary. I am praying these small books ignite my friends to go for it and do the business with me. My dream is for all of us to be financially free together.  Each book is under $4.00, so it felt like a “no brainer,” to invest these into my business.

Tools like these don’t come around all the time.  Sarah is a big blessing to Young Living Essential Oils, also to God’s Kingdom.  She has given little ole me a great serving of vision.

Tool 2

2.  A Website company called Marketing Scents.  This website makes doing Young Living so automated, it’s stupid not to join!  There are tools out the yin yang inside this system.  Plus, the creators have done a stellar job at training newbies like me how to take advantage of the web site through emails, webinars, and customer support.  I am very pleased with my new site.

Marketing Scents looks like this when you pull it up... Young Living Business Tools. Work at home. Multilevel marketing.

The contacts tab is my favorite thus far.  I can input my warm market leads into the contacts query.  Then, there are seven different campaigns to choose from of different email blasts they can receive.

marketing scents web site's for Young Living Distributors. 3 Tools Your Business Needs. Work from Home.

Everything with this website is 100% customizable.  It comes with its own graphics and resources.  The bonus, is this section is expandable with your own resources that can be put in.

That isn’t the best part.  I saved the BEST for last.  The VERY BEST part is you can try it for thirty whole days with only $1.00!  There is also a referral code, which I have above, where if ONLY THREE distributors sign up, we get our web sites for free!  (Sign up at the above link, my four kids thank you.  We are eternally grateful!)…

Young Living Business Tools. This is what my distributor website looks like right now. I may change the URL. If I do, I will update it here. Work at Home. Multilevel network marketing.

The THREE FOR FREE, makes it ultra easy to never have to pay for this service.  You can simply have people in your organization sign up with your code.  Voila!  So simple and inexpensive.

If you don’t get the Three and Free, it’s either $19.99 or $49.99 a month, depending on which version best suits your needs.  With the amount of automated work this does, the amount of money is the deal of the century!  Check it out, see for yourself.

This is the best thing since white sliced bread in Multi Level Marketing.  Get yours and have fun customizing your website.  I’m not satisfied with my URL, I may change it soon, just saying.  When I do, I’ll update it here.

Go to the website and get yours with this code: Marketing Scents – Affiliate  Thanks in advance.  Trust me, you will be a world dominator in Young Living Essential Oils with this gem.  You will thank me later!

Tool 3, The Last Resource is Free

3.  Last Tool… this one is my Favorite “F” word, FREE!  This resource is from my new virtual best friend, Sarah Harnisch.  This is her online forty-five minute presentation from her website.

Listen to it at this link:  I have already shared this recording with two friends.  The first time I listened to it was yesterday, no kidding!

The audio grabs the attention from the first word forward.  This is Sarah’s story of both her business, and her journey to free herself from chemical toxicity.  The whole kit and caboodle is phenomenal.  It made my millennium.

The recording has also spurred me to clean up my family’s chemical life.  I had cleaned up some, but a purchase here and there, and well, I slid down that slippery slope once again.  Using the oils is an everyday thing, but using cleaners and personal care products full of who knows what has trapped me… again.  I’ll share more about this, later.


If you have been buying Essential Oils, but are not part of a team, please be my guest, signing up with me.  Go to  Click New Member.  For Sponsor Number, enter my number: 1465747 and enter my number again in the Enroller Number: 1465747.  Then, I will add you to our team’s Facebook groups, and you will receive great emails from my website.  Let’s do oils together.

My goal is for this post to help energize you in your business.  I hope these tools give you some methods to make your work easier, more effective, and fun!  Try out one of the above today.

Thank you for stopping by today.  For more information on this topic check out: 15 Facts Why You Must Use Essential Oils.  Stop back again soon.  In the meantime, if something is working well for with Young Living, please share it in the comments below.  We are always better, together.  Blessings to you and yours, today and always,


 3 Tools You Need to Rock Your Young Living Business. Multi Level Marketing. Work at Home. Caregiver support.





I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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