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45 Easy to Fix, Easy to Find Gluten Free Foods
August 4, 2017
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Autism: Therapy Option That Works?
August 10, 2017

Back to School Safely 2017

Back to school Safely 2017 with the headlines. Teachers taking advantage of our kids or abusing them. How do we keep our kids safe in this climate. Find out action steps in this post. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help. Advocacy.

Back To School Safely

Back to school safely is every parents goal.  However with all the articles found on the webbernets about teachers taking advantage of children or harming them, school can feel anything but safe.

How can we insure our children attend school safely?  How can we feel confident sending our kids back to school?  This post is aimed at giving all of us some practical tips to help insure our kids have a successful year and are not victims to teachers like those listed below.

Setting The Stage of Back to School Unsafely

What led me to post about going back to school safely, was stumbling on such articles that literally make my stomach hurt!  Articles such as New Charges for Special Ed Teacher  and New York Teacher Allegedly Slams Nine Year old Into a Furnace Raditor, make parents feel anything but safe sending kids back to school.

Then, on a CBS website there is a collection of sex offending TEACHERS!  Feeling safe sending children back to school?  This could be a tall order in such a climate.  How can we cope?  Where can confidence in our education system be found?

Back to School with Advocacy

First, it is going to take a lot of parent participation.  Parents, we need to check in with our kids.  We should be checking their phones to see who is contacting them.  Finding out their opinions of every teacher is crucial.  Even having observations when flags are raised is a valiant effort.

For our kids who struggle to communicate, it is imperative to get cameras in classrooms.  It is vital to question every mark on our children.  We must be in-tuned to changes in their attitude toward school.  All behavior is communication.

Keeping children home until answers are found is not beyond warrant.  It has been my aim to make sure teachers knew full well not to mess with my child.  This is a tight walk rope of balance, I often fall off the rope.  The aim is to make teachers know you are involved and a positive influence while maintaining boundaries where they know you will go to every option available to protect your child(ren).

Back to School With Those Who Need Extra

For our uniquely made children (special needs), meeting all the staff before the first day of school is key.  Introducing yourself to each staff member is imperative.  I always make sure the staff knows I WANT CALLED!  Marking my territory that I am involved has been a life saver (literally) for my son with Autism and Type 1 Diabetes.

Thus, aides were about to give him triple the insulin he gets in a whole day to cover a snack.  I had to fly over the school and monitor his blood sugar to make sure he didn’t go too low.  That aide never touched my son again, to my knowledge.

Journals back and forth to school never hurt.  The use of a written communication log can be a “life-saver.”  Consider implementing this into your child’s IEP or 504 Plan.  Although, in Ohio, I have had zero luck getting cooperation with this, even when I made it so teacher’s only had to circle icons, ugh!

Back to School For All

The biggest key is sending children to school where we are confident in their care.  Every time I have gotten that “gut check,” “creepy feeling” in the pit of my stomach, I have been spot-on.  It is us, as caregivers, making sure we are caring for ourselves enough to be able to listen to those feelings.  See this post for more on Self Care.

Even in rural areas there are options for education if you are not feeling stellar about the local public school.  Homeschooling is thus far, always an option.  Virtual Academies, Charter Schools, and private schools are things to consider.

THE BIGGEST KEY, IS US STAYING IN TOUCH WITH OUR KIDDOS!  We must go to every length to make sure they are safe.  Knowing where they are at all times, being cognoscente of who they are hanging around, are all of most importance to success through school. (I see no problem utilizing modern apps and technologies to know where our kids are.  They are our responsibility no matter what).

Synopsis of Back to School Safely

Not one of us is perfect.  Each of us messes up often.  So we have to give ourselves grace when we discover our children are in some sort of peril in any environment.  Even Taken, (in the movie of the former FBI agent’s daughter was kidnapped and he was a professional in the fiction world – ha!!) had family members kidnapped.  None of us are as secure as Fort Knox.

If we do the things in this post, even if evil does descend upon our children; we should catch it quickly.  I would much rather nip it in the butt when it is a “new thing,” than let it fester into something HUGE.

Give ourselves grace, bad things do happen.  At the same time, try to be as involved as possible.  Remember, the squeaky wheel is always oiled first.  Be the squeaky wheel advocate for our kids.

May this year be a great “Back to School Safely year.”  May our kids transition well, every teacher treating them with great compassion and respect.

If we see changes, if there are signs; by all means turn into the Squeaky Wheel.  Go get them Tiger, we are doing great!  Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come again soon!  Blessings to you and yours today and always,


PS How do you keep your loved ones safe at school?  Please share in the comments below, we need each other.  Also, join this Rocking Awesome Group on Facebook!  It will be way more fun with you in it!!  Spread the love, tell someone else about this blog.  Thank you in advance!

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