February 15, 2018
5 Customer Service Expectations. I hope this helps medical professionals to be somewhat sweeter to those on the other end of the line. Share this. Let's hope this brings some reform. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help Disability. Community.

5 Customer Service Expectations

5 Customer Service Expectations Five Customer Service Expectations, might sound like a strange topic for me to write about.  But, I bet that I am not […]
January 25, 2018
Freedom from Mom Guilt. When we have children with unique needs or complex medical care, mom guilt can be on steroids. Here I share some of my unique mom guilt. Included is an infographic with five steps to freedom from Mom Guilt. Caregiver Support

Mom Guilt Complex Needs Edition

Mom Guilt Explained Mom guilt, the struggle is real.  Moms of typical children experience the phenomenon of not feeling quite good enough.  If you are a […]
November 28, 2017
Day at Wright's Law Conference. A Review. Resources to help. Special Education. Advocate. Caregiver Support

Day at Wright’s Law Conference

Day at Wright’s Law Conference My day at the Wright’s Law Conference in Columbus, Ohio forever changed me.  I highly recommend that anyone who even remotely […]
November 11, 2017
7 Short-cuts for parents after a diagnosis. Caregiver Support. Printable page for quick access. Share with friends. Make this a gift for someone in need today. Disability. Parenting special needs. Community. Support.

7 Shortcuts: Parents After a Diagnosis

7 Shortcuts: for parents after a diagnosis.  Here you can find seven easy actionable steps to help you along. After having four children, who each have […]