June 22, 2017
Red Tape: Special Needs Family Edition. Exposing the red tape in caregivers lives. Caregiver support. Have a laugh.

Red Tape Special Needs Family Edition

Red Red Tape Is Found Red Tape winds through our lives in almost every area.  To get a driver’s license you have to have valid identification. […]
June 7, 2017
Board Games that expand vocabulary. Speech therapy. Summertime. Expressive Language Delay. Speech Pathology. Caregiver Support. Educational Fun. Autism. Adhd. Descriptive Language Skills. Hope. Family Memories. Fun Times. Social Skills. Turn Taking. Positive Parenting Specialized. Learning disabilities and differences.

5 Board Games to Expand Vocabulary

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June 3, 2017
Valuable. Everyone matters. We are all valuable period. Enough said. This post is to help us savor this very important fact. Special needs. Unique Persons. Caregiver Support. Everyone matters. Positive Parenting Specialized.

We are Valuable. Period

We are Valuable We are valuable; period.  Enough said.  End of story.  But society doesn’t make us feel that way. Society tries to put pressures on […]
May 24, 2017
Rare Diagnosis - 3 Things I Wish I Did Differently... Genetics, Rare Disease, Rare Conditions, Syndromes, Caregiver Support. Positive Parenting Specialized.

Rare Diagnosis

Our Rare Diagnosis Story Our rare diagnosis story is full of drama.  If you have a rare diagnosis, I pray yours came more peacefully, without our […]