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July 18, 2017
Celiac Introduction. Special Needs Help. Caregiver Support. Cheats, hacks, & money savings tips included. Lists of websites. What to look for. Pin Now. Read soon. Great info!
Celiac Disease: Introduction
July 22, 2017

Easily Make: Hundred Grand a Month

How to Make Over a Hundred Thousand a Month

Easily make over a hundred thousand dollars a month?  As if, from here in Ohio, I can see you rolling your eyes (it’s kinda rude).  I have news for us all, we can easily have this income.  It won’t be hard.  We will find the right people who are focused just like us.

Monthly Averages in Young Living Essential Oils

It is only going to require a small investment between $45.00 and 160.00.  Then, you are going to need to make an investment of $100.00 a month in “Transfer Purchases.”  Transfer buy from the “normal,” chemical filled shampoos, soaps, protein powders, energy drinks, make up, skin care, and more to pure products without GMO’s.

So maybe you aren’t following me.  Let me explain the how.  It won’t be difficult.  Just please, keep an open mind.

Setting the Stage, 100 Thousand a Month

Back in 2013, I was lost.  My family was falling apart.  Autism symptoms invaded my home no matter what we did.  No one slept.  Life was hard.

I began reading a friend’s Facebook.  Her life was turning around for the better, despite the fact she had two daughters with autism.  She is making so much money from this system I am sharing with you.  Plus, her health was improving, along with her children’s.  I wanted what she had.

I went to an oil’s class at a mutual friend’s house.  There, I bought the Premium Starter Kit for $160.00 with a credit card because I wanted my life to get better like my Facebook Friend’s.  That was 2013!  I did hardly anything with the oils except for using them on me.

Easily make a hundred grand a month.  Becoming a member through the Premium Starter Kit.

In 2016, I realized I had to make money for me and the kids.  Going to college seemed logical, but with the divorce looming in limbo, I had problems proving my identity (of all things).

Easily! Hundred Thousand Plus Plan

I remembered I could sell the oils as a business and that is exactly what I began doing.  Currently in July 2017, I am a senior star in Young Living Essential Oils.  I have nineteen people in my organization.   Not many of them order monthly, but I am working on getting that increased.

Easily make a Hundred Grand a Month.  Young Living.  Freedom to live abundant, healthy, blessed.

Doing classes, one on one meetings, phone calls, smoke messages, texting, emailing, mailing gifts, etc. has become second nature.  Everyone I meet is a potential team member.  Yet, recently I met with my up line.  I expressed it was getting to be a bit much.Easily make a Hundred Grand a Month.  Young Living Essential Oils Compensation Plan.

She mentioned all I really needed was have six people buying $100.00 in transfer purchases and then, that person goes and finds six more people and so it goes.  She said if we all do that, we will quickly be at Royal Crown Diamond.

This website, called spells out Young Living’s Compensation Plan best.  It shows how it all works with bonuses too.

How You Too Can Make Over A Hundred Thousand a Month

All we need to do is become a Young Living Member.  I wrote a post on this subject, HERE.  While you are becoming a member, check that you want to join Essential Rewards.  Sign up with my link HERE, so you can be in my organization.

Easily Make a hundred grand a month.  Young Living.  To get bonuses and commissions you must be an Essential Rewards Member and order 100 PV (Personal Volume) a month.  Caregiver Support.  Work that works for caregivers.

I will send you around twelve personally written emails, along with an arsenal of proven techniques to give you HUGE learning curve.  Some of the “Greats” in Young Living will be sowing into your life, including, but not limited to, Tom Challan and Jen Springer.

However, I need two caveats from you.  First, you can NOT be involved in any other MLM (Multi Level Marketing).  Secondly, you must keep buy amazing products every month for at least $100.00 (PV).

In return, I will train you how to quickly build your organization and zone in on your Six Business Builders.  It sure isn’t difficult.  We can surely do this!

My Organization

I currently have several family members under me.  They are at $50.00 PV.  I am hoping reading this post and discovering our awesome products will help them decide to increase that to over $100.00 a month (PV).

I do not yet have six Business Builders under me; it’s closer to four.  Thus, I am still actively looking for Business Builders.  Once I have six quality Business Builder’s in my business.  I am going to cushion myself, in case someone quits (and I think you should too), and have about nine Business Builder’s under me.

Once all those folks are solid, my plan is to begin helping them duplicate our system to their organizations and more.  Do you see how easily this can and will explode?

Currently, with this new method at the forefront of my mind, I don’t feel as flippant.  The pressure to preform at an unhuman pace, has gone (awe, sigh of relief).  I feel I can work smarter, not harder, now.

Am I going to still do vendor events, classes, and care calls, etc?  Heck YES!  However, I am free of the hap-hazard frenzied type “path,” that I was venturing upon.  Peace floods my heart since the revelation, I just need six!  Then they get six, and so it goes.  Life feels more simple!

Are You Ready for 100 Grand Plus A Month?

Begin dreaming.  Write down what you will do once your income is growing.  Write down who you desire your six “legs” of the business to be.  Pick men of integrity as spoken of in the Bible in 1 and Second Timothy.

Join Young Living.  Do Essential Rewards.  Have fun picking different products each month.  Ones that are always on my ER order are: Ningxia Red, 2 boxes of Nitro, Slique Tea, and lemon or grapefruit (flavor my water in glass or stainless steel only), and at least 2 bottles of 15 ML Lavender Essential Oils.

Easily make 100 grand a month.  Young Living Essential Oils.  Something for everything.  Baby Line = Seedlings.

Young Living has so many possibilities!  They have the Slique Line for weight loss, Ninxgia Drinks for energy and immune support, essential oils (for everything), Thieves Cleaner (that is amazing and SO inexpensive), Thieves Personal Care Products, Seedlings (baby line), Pet Line, Easily make over hundred thousand a month.  Young Living.  Something for everyone.  Art Skin Care System.Easily make over hundred thousand a month.  Something for everyone.  Thieves Personal Care.Easily make a hundred grand a month.  Young Living.  So many products.  Something for everyone.  Animal Scents Pet Line.  Caregiver SupportArt Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Savvy Minerals Make up, and Muscle Cream (Cool Azul and Deep Relief roller).  I forgot to mention, Pure Protein Complete too!

Easily make a hundred grand a month.  Young Living Essential Oils.  Caregiver Support.  Slique Complete.  A product line that helps members lose weight.Easily make over hundred grand a month.  Young Living Essential Oils.  Savvy Minerals Make up line.  So many products for everyone!  Ningxia Red Drinks.  Three drinks to choose from.  Easily make a hundred grand a month.  Transfer Buying.  Young Living Essential Oils.  Easily make a hundred grand a month.  Thieves Cleaner.  Young Living Essential Oils.  Thieves Cleaner Line.  Something for everyone.

This company has SOMETHING for everyone.  From fitness addicts to hippies, there is something everyone can fall in love with.  I am so proud to be part of Young Living.

Why Young Living?

Easily make over a hundred grand a month?  Most likely, almost every MLM company promises these results.  However, Young Living has a PROVEN track record.  They have existed for over twenty years.

Beyond that, they have their own farms where they harvest the crops their products are made from.  No other company can come close to that integrity!

They are also over a billion dollar a year company!  Are there sexier, sleeker MLM companies out there?  Sure there are!  But, they do not have the solid customer base and foundation that Young Living does.

Look into Young Living’s Compensation Plan.  Not only will we be making over a hundred thousand dollars a month, but we will have traveled to some awesome places celebrating our achievements with the company.  Above that, there are more bonuses.  The income is willable after we begin making over $3,000.00 a month!  Hardly any other company offers that.  You can read more of the benefits of sharing Young Living HERE.


We only get one shot at life.  Let’s make it count.  Having an abundance for every good work would help this lost world (2 Corinthians 9:8).  Jump on board today!  Please share in the comments below what you have found to be a financial blessing in your life.

Share this post with the people you want under you, building your empire.  Once you begin receiving checks, you will be hooked.  I am a life long sharing oiler!

Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come back again soon.  Blessings to you and yours today and always,


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I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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