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Evolution of Aide Services @Home
June 12, 2017
High frequency words master. Special needs help. Caregiver Support. Ideas to help keep sight words easily retrievable.
High Frequency Words Mastered
June 19, 2017

Family Notebook – Special Needs Help

Family Notebook. Aide Services, Respite. Skills. Medical Info. Routines. Schedules. Chores. Charts. Hope

Family Notebook

This notebook gives us structure for aide services.  It also helps me keep the kiddies on track when aides are not working.

In this post I hope to show you how easy it is to put together a Family Notebook.  Hopefully, you will see what needs this simple, low tech tool brings.

Family Notebook. Each child has checklists. Caregiver Support. Special needs help.

This post is in a series of musings about Aide Services.  These posts include: Rejected Aides, Aides Why We Hire Them, Hiring Aides: Encouragement, Interview Ideas for Special Needs Families, Aides We Adopted, and Rejected Aides.

This is an easy structured implementing method that should help your kids who need routine feel more secure.  It doesn’t take much effort to put together.  The best thing, is it will help parents, caregivers, aides, and children see what is being accomplished.  It also serves as an informational hub for the family.

This is the cover of our Family Notebook. You can make a better one. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help. Positive Parenting Specialized.

The Family Notebook Divided

The Notebook is divided into three parts.  I have four kids.  The oldest kid doesn’t need to do any of the things in the Family Notebook, so I left her out.  (Trust me, she is glad she isn’t in there).

Each section has information detailed for each kid.  For instance, what they need to do when they come home, what chores are expected of them, and what skills they have mastered, and lastly, what skills need mastered.

Important Information

Inside the Family Notebook, we also keep an Emergency Contacts Page.  In the same vein, we keep a list of each child’s medicines.  There is a description of the child, along with information about what their triggers include.

This is the sheet protector that holds our Emotional Regulation Stuff because when my kids have to work on skills, it is almost a given that calming strategies are needed. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help.

This is the sheet protector holds calming strategies, with social stories about Emotional Regulation, and holds for safety.

For my eleven year old, diabetes care is included.  Also in there, are behaviors the aide should look for, such as: elopement, pica, aggression, and picking/biting of skin.  Long ago self injurious behaviors were a key.

For one of my children, there is a quick paper about holds (CPI).  These are interventions to keep the child safe, along with those around safe as well.

The Nitty Gritty

I took an inexpensive three ring binder and added dividers, with plastic paper covers.  This way we can write on the different sheets with dry erase markers.  Aides can check off what the kids and him/her have worked on.  That way, I am cued into what has been accomplished.

Our nightly schedule for after school. Included in the Family Notebook. The kids go to bed later now, I need to update this before our new aide starts working - ha! Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help. Resources. Positive Parenting Specialized.

After the aide leaves, I won’t be redundant with demands.  It keeps communication flowing better.  The kids love checking stuff off with the dry erase markers (there have been some sharpie incidents), but the sheet protectors are very inexpensive to replace.

This method also keeps things “fair,” for the kiddos.  They know all three of them are working on similar skills at their level.  No one feels cheated, left out, or extra clamped down upon.

This is part of our Family Notebook. It helps keep us on track as a team. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help. Aide Services.

Ever Changing

This notebook is never set in stone.  Other items I have considered including are calendars, reward charts, and books to be reading aloud.  I haven’t done those things yet, but (Ba-ha-ha)!  I just might.

I hope this helps you get a sense of how organized, structured, and precise we can get with our children, even though they have special stuff going on.  This also supports those who come and go from our house to know what to do with the children.

Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come back again soon, and take a second sharing in the comments below, ways you have structured your children.  Let’s help each other with wisdom.  Blessings to you and yours, today and always,



I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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