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One Trick to Combat Sibling Rivalry
June 30, 2017
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Mountain or Molehill?
July 8, 2017

Five Facts for a Floating Life

5 Facts for a Floating Life. Rise Above. Caregiver Support. Positive Parenting Specialized. Encouragement for Weary Mommas

Introduction to Floating

Floating, there are certain objects that always rise to the top.  I would like to think I’m one of them.  Although, in reality something unexpected could take me under (like sickness or sudden death).

Caregiver, Floating is always my goal, no matter what life throws my way.  Like a sponge, a branch, or an inflatable; it is my aim to rise above.

We only get one shot at this thing called life, so I figure it is no use living it pushed down and defeated.  Regardless, if it means doggie paddling to the top, or digging out, or even needing the jaws of life to grab hold of me and pull me out; one way or another, I will rise.

There are several principles on floating, I’ve learned along the way.  This post is aimed at arming you with these facts/principles too.  Principles are much like a life jacket, they are always hanging around for when we don’t think we can swim on.  Thus, principles have saved me many times.  When my back has been up against a wall, or I’m drowning in rough waters; these facts have saved me.

But first, let me assure you that regardless of your circumstance; we can all still float in our own way.  Our floating may not look like others, but we can allow the storms of life to not weigh us down to the point that we drown.  Throw away the thought, “because of ‘xyz’ I will fail.”  No, no a thousand times no.  Not one of us have a perfect life in every area.  There is always something not quite stellar.  But despite those “out of wack” areas, we can still rise.  Check this out:

Floating Fact Number One:

Storms don’t last forever.  This seems very simple.  However, during a storm it feels like it may remain forever.  The floating fact in this is knowing calm will come.  Sunshine will appear.  A rainbow of promise may reflect.

In the calm after the storm is usually when we realize, we made it through.  We are left floating on the surface.

Floating Fact Number Two:

Only have those around us, who will pull us up.  Life is too short to have those who pull us down around us, no matter what their position is in our lives.

Being empowered to be a floater is often letting go of the anchor, the dead weight that is keeping us stuck.  This is hard to change, to separate.  But Baby, we have to let go or we will be gone forever.  Floating to the top, beginning to soar, make the painful pruning process worth it.

Floating Fact Number Three:

We must have a vision of floating.  Without vision we perish as the Bible states in Proverbs.  Vision keeps us swimming, fighting, and digging.

Without vision though, we will remain in the dreary state we find ourselves if we aren’t floating.  Whether it is treading water, being stuck in deep waters, whatever it is; we must keep a bright dream in front of us or we are very doomed.  Floating only happens when we can see the light, and glide towards it.

Floating Fact Number Four:

We have to relax to float.  Have you ever tried to float when you felt scared or tense?  It doesn’t work.  We must relax to enjoy floating.

The one thing I learned in my short stint of yoga training is that in order to assist the body in healing, we must relax.  The body has a much tougher “go” when it is tense, and “freaking out.”  I don’t know about you, but when I am in the middle of a crap storm, my body instinctively freezes.

My joints brace themselves.  I am more rigid.  Noises get on my nerves quicker.  I am much more irritable when things are not going well.

Counter intuitively though, we need to relax to heal.  Relax to float.  Relaxation is far more healthy than stress.

So no matter what we find ourselves in the midst of today, remember to the rise to the top, we must relax.  Take deep breaths.  Go for a long walk.  Take a long lavender tubby.  Do whatever it takes to calm.  Let go and let God.  It sounds cliche, but it is a principle of wisdom.

Floating Fact Number Five:

Objects that float are made to float.  Those objects can NOT sink.  You can push them down.  You can try to hold them under, but leave them alone and you will find them on top of the water.

Some of us may be in the middle of a crazy storm.  We may be buried deep in financial mess, caregiver stress, medical challenges, or what not.  But rest assured, if you have the other Four Facts working for you, then you are being made into a floater.  It is just a matter of time until you find yourself on top of the circumstances that held you captive.

Allow ourselves to rise out, up over the obstacles standing in our way.  On a personal note, I used to think I could do nothing to make money other than blog a little.  With four kids that have so many different needs, medicines, appointments, and such; I thought I could never amount to much until they were grown.

To my surprise, I began sharing Young Living Essential Oils.  I am now on the third rank of their company and keep moving forward.  I thank God I stepped out and tried to rise above.

You can too.  Determine, you will no longer be a bottom dweller.  Decide you are a floater.  And do it, rise to the top with me.


Caregiver, do not allow our circumstances not matter what they deter us in any way.  Sure, our life may not be the Brady Bunch ever.  But, allow it to be the best it can be where we are.

Even if we are living in a small little shack, or trailer; let’s commit to live as cleanly and excellently as possible.  If we find something a mess, let’s clean it.  If someone or something comes across our path broken, let’s do our best to promote healing and progress.

This is not a dress rehearsal.  Start making steps, even itty bitty tiny steps today.  Gradually, day by day, we will find what used to be problematic no longer is.

Spread our wings and soar.  Tilt our heads back and enjoy floating more than ever.  You are so very, very loved!

What would you add to these five facts/principles to help yourself and others experience more in life?  Please share in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come back again soon.  Blessings to you and yours today and always,


I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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