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Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea
September 30, 2017
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3 Products I Can NOT Run Out Of – Young Living
October 14, 2017

House Made for Their Needs

House for Their Needs. Caregiver Support. Amazon Affiliate. Products that Help. Community. Unique Needs.

House Made for My Kid’s Needs

How can a house be made for my kid’s needs?  I’m glad to answer that question.  It didn’t happen over night.  It’s been a process.

In this post you will find what has helped my kids with clickable links to make it easy for you to get them too.  This is an Amazon Affiliate post, which means my family will receive 6-8% of your purchase.  With Christmas coming up, that would really help us.

Easy Accessible Fidgets

In our house fidgets are a big deal.  They are in every room, ready for the kids to us.

In the kitchen, we have biters in the drawers.  We have crunchy snacks great for relieving tension.  There are putties and drawing aids in a closet nearby for the kids to use at the kitchen table.

    1.  Putties –

Humactive Hand Therapy Putty, Set of 2 – 4 Ounce, Medium Soft / Medium Resistances (Red / Green)
Putties make a great fidget and hand strengthener. Caregiver Support. Help for those who need extra. Uniquely made.

Toysmith Original Silly Putty Pack 104-48 6 Pack
silly putty, inexpensive and great for in the car. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs.
Smarty Putty Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – “Emerald Sky” First Ever Glow in the Dark Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor -Online Exclusive Color
Smart Putty. My kids love this stuff. They have been obsessed with each type they have tried. Caregiver Support. Amazon Affiliate Link.

2.  Fidgets:
4-Pack Children Mini Size Fidget Spinner Toys Hand Spinner Best Toys For Kids Girls Boys Fit The Small Hand
Fidget Spinners. The only down side is when they are thrown. Still fun. Caregiver Support.
Trianium Fidget Cube Anti-Stress/Anti-anxiety and Depression Ball Prime Quality Toy for Children, Teen, Student, Adult [Easy Carrying] Finger Dice Stress Reliever for Work, School, Class (TM000121)
Fidget cube. Very fun in the car. We use them when the kids need to sit still for a while. Caregiver Support. For unique needs. Positive Parenting Specialized. Amazon Affiliate Link.
Bendy Wood Fidget Toy with Pattern Card Challenges
The kids often go to this when they are chilling or nervous. This is more expensive, but it gets used frequently. Amazon Affiliate. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs.


 Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets help calm and ground our kids.  We keep these in both sitting rooms in our house.

We store them in a bin in our front room and in a basket in our family room.  The kids use these especially in cold months.  However, they look a bit dirty now.  I don’t know of a way to clean them?

Premium Weighted Blanket by InYard (41”x72” 15lbs, Navy Blue)
Weighted Blanket. Helps Calm. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs. Calming.

Weighted Sensory Lap Pads – Choose From 3 to 11 lbs & More than 10 Designs
Champ used these at school for circle time. We used them during meal time. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs. Products that Help. Amazon Affiliate.

Swings and More Swings

If I could, I would have swings in every room in the house.  Not just for sex (ha! couldn’t resist), but as chairs for sitting like Ikea sells.  My kids love swings.

I have a doorway swing in my bedroom (never used it for sex, just saying).  That swing has a hammock, baby swing, ladder, trapeze (no comment), a glider, and a red cloth swing.

3. Swings:
Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground with Indoor Swing, Plastic Rings, Trapeze Bar, Climbing Ladder, and Swinging Rope …
Door way swing. Ours came with a hammock swing and baby swing, plus a scooter swing. This is great for cold weather or when it rains. We use the hammock for calming and emotional regulation. Caregiver Support. Amazon Affiliate. Unique Needs. Community. Products that help.

In our basement, we have multiple choices for swings.  Normally a platform swing is up.  But we also have a nesting swing, a sitting cloth swing, and another swing that cozies the kids inside.
Platform Swing – Special Need Therapy Use – Hand-Crafted from 100% Baltic Birch – Carpeted – 30″ X 30″
Platform Swing, one choice in our basement. The kids get crazy on this. They love to make it spin. Adult Supervision Required. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs. Amazon Affiliate. Community.
Ezyoutdoor 120KG Hammock Air Chair Hanging Swinging Large Cotton Fabric for Camping Backpacking Hunting Hiking Biking Canoeing Kayaking Sailing Climbing Traveling
Ours is more of a chair swing. The kids love to spin on it too. Shocker. Caregiver Support. Amazon Affiliate. Products that help. Unique Needs. Community.

House of Crashing

At our house we have lots of crashing.  All three ASD children, like to ram their bodies into objects.  When this is seen, I like to prompt them to crash.  It sounds awful, but it really is fun.

In my bedroom, I have a crash pad where the kids jump from my master bed (not an adult oasis, sorry for all the men lining up to date me with my four kids – pfffft) into the crash pad, which is huge fun!  I tried it once, it was awesome!
Skil-Care Crash Pad – Jumbo Foam Mat For Kids (W/ Cover, 5′ x 5′)
Great to jump off my bed into this. This crash pad has a cover that can be washed, just in case. I love this lighter weight crash pad. Amazon Affiliate. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs. Products that help. Community.
In the basement we have the mother load crash pad.  It is huge.  The kids run across the basement and dive in!  We also scoot it by the platform swing, so the kids can rock back and forth, then jump onto it.
AirZone 4-1/2 Foot Kids First Outdoor Band Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Enclosure
I couldn't find our huge crash pad to post. However, a few friends have this in their lofts, basements, or living areas and it does a great job. Caregiver Support. Amazon Affiliate. Community. Unique Needs. Products that help.

Sit and Spin

We have sit and spins.  This is not like our classic toy.  It’s called an Astronaut Board.  My youngest uses this before bed.

5. Astronaut Board:
360 Spin Board
Astronaut Board. Great for Spinning. It helps my youngest sleep, who knew? Amazon Affiliate. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs. Products that help.
My eleven year old likes to play on his phone and lay on it on his belly.  He rocks from side to side.

Body Socks

This used to be a huge thing!  We took them on vacations.  The kids crowded into one together.  Lately, the have sat dormant.

6. Body Sock
Sanho Yopo Dynamic Movement Sensory Sox, Medium,6-9 years old, 47”LX27”W Blue
Body Sock, deep pressure, large motor input. My kids go in waves. They ignore these or live in them. Caregiver Support. Amazon Affiliates. Community. Unique Needs. Products that Help.

I keep a body sock in my youngest’s room as it calms her.   There are also a couple in the bins in our front room.

House of Headphones

We also keep headphones everywhere.  A pair is normally in the van.  There are multiple pairs in the bins in the front room.

7. Headphones
Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids – Hearing Protection Muffs For Children Small Adults Women – Foldable Design Ear Defenders Protector with Adjustable Padded Headband for Optimal Noise Reduction – (Red)
Noise Blocking Headphones. Calming. Caregiver Support. Unique Needs. Amazon Affiliate. Community. Products that Help.

Most importantly, I keep a pair in my bedroom.  This is so when it storms, whichever kid that wakes up can wear the headphones.  They go back to sleep more quickly.

Odds and Ends

Back when the kids were newly diagnosed, they needed more support.  During that period, we used a Sensory tunnel often.  We also used scooters, to get energy out.
7. Scooters
Fun and Function Soft Saddle Scooter Small Size – Exercise With Indoor Ride-On Toy That Supports 150 Lbs. for Ages 1.5+
The ones we have are flat. They are great for core strength and body planning. Amazon Affiliate. Caregiver Support. Products that Help. Community. Unique Needs.

Another blessing, was deep pressure vests.  These helped keep our now eleven year old alert.
8. Pressure Vests:
Abilitations Integrations Deep Pressure Sensory Vest, Extra Small, Red
Pressure Vest. This helped my son stay more alert for learning and ABA programs. The school had him wear it for table top activities too. Amazon Affiliate. Caregiver Support. Community. Unique Needs. Products that Help.

Lastly, we used lots of oral motor devices as both younger kids drooled until they were way past four years old.  Items we used included, vibrating brushes, nuk brushes, and bibs.
9. Biters
Chewy Tubes P’ and Q’
Biters. Helps strengthen jaws. It also helps my youngest not eat non edible things. Products that Help. Amazon Affiliate. Caregiver Support. Community. Unique Needs.


I hope this gives you lots of ideas how to tailor your house to your kids needs.  How have you adapted your house for your children?

Please share your ideas in the comments below.  We all can learn from each other.

Thanks for stopping by today, please come again soon.  Blessings to you and yours today and always,



I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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