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February 11, 2018
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Independent Education Evaluation

Independent Education Evaluation Explained. Special Education. Caregiver Support.

Independent Education Evaluation


Independent Education Evaluations are an option a parent/guardian has when they do not agree with the Educational Team Report.  All this is laid out in Wright’s Law, FAPE, and mostly IDEA.  See more on this subject in the post, Day At Wright’s Law Conference.

Day at Wright's Law Conference. A Review. Resources to help. Special Education. Advocate. Caregiver Support

These are all special education terms.  Today, I want to explain our personal experience with the Independent Education Evaluation.  I hope this helps you understand the process, knowing what can come from it.

Why an Independent Education Evaluation

Every three years a child in special education is supposed to get an Evaluation Team Report.  This report is conducted to confirm that the child still needs special education, including an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

In the instance where the caregiver/guardian does not agree with the results of the ETR, an Independent Education Evaluation can be requested.  This is done by a private entity (apart from the school district) at the school district’s expense.

What to Expect

If you find yourself in this place.  First, do not sign the ETR.  If you sign, it shows that you agree.

Secondly, you need to request the IEE in writing.  These days it is best to email.  A paper trail makes keeping record so much easier than documenting conversations.

The school will have you sign documents stating that you are okay with implementing an IEE.  The school may give you a list they want you to use of professionals.

Please know, you can use anyone you find.  Then, you need to set up appointments.  You want your child re-examined in all the areas the ETR was conducted in.

For us, this meant getting a neuro-psyche evaluation, speech testing, and occupational therapy evaluation.  Make sure to get school excuses because we are now in attendance trouble because of our testing.

School Stuff/Parent Stuff

There will be questionnaires for you to complete.  The teachers, therapists, and such may need to complete questionnaires as well.

Be as detailed as possible with the new professionals looking into your child.  Keep them well-informed with what you are seeing and your concerns.

The school will want test results as soon as possible, to keep their time line up with their deadlines.  Try to keep them posted with your progress.


Once all the evaluations are conducted, then there should be a feedback session.  At that time, either the professional can come to the school and discuss the findings or the parent can turn the information back into the school.

At that point, any changes will be made to the ETR.  Still do not sign until you believe the ETR shows the best avocation, support, and structure for your child or loved one.

In ending, what were your experiences or concerns with an Independent Education Evaluation?  Please comment below.

Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come again soon.  Blessings to you and yours today and always.


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