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Yoga and Extra Special Kids
September 19, 2016
Helpful IPad apps I downloaded for my small brood of children. Autism. Autism Speaks. Fine Motor. Visual Spatial. Sequencing. Learning. Education apps. Encouragement for Caregivers. Caregiver support. Extra Special Children
Helpful Apps
September 22, 2016

Ipad: Life Changed

I pad obtained through Autism Speaks. Our story. Ipad apps, Ipad resources, Autism, Parenting special needs, encouragement for caregivers, special needs help, financial resources

An Ipad was something I wanted so badly.  Watching other children do the apps, watch YouTube, and such on them, resulted in me longing for one for my children.  Ipads looked like a key to unlock so much untapped potential in my children.  But, money never flowed to the point where I could obtain one for my Fantastic Four.

Speech therapists used Ipad apps during therapy.  Occupational therapists used it for fine motor practice, fluency, and visual spatial skills.  I prayed for an Ipad many times.

Upon opening my email one morning in the fall of 2014, I saw an Autism Speaks Ipad giveaway.  I quickly completed the application, not thinking much of it.  Many times I had not been chosen to receive an Ipad from other organizations.  Peace filled my heart when I was turned down as I hoped nonverbal children received the devices and were enabled to download apps like: Speak All App or 7 Communication Apps by Friendship Circle utilizing them to access their voices.

I had applied for Ipads at A4CWSN Website, and not been chosen.  Sometimes, they did complicated giveaways, where you needed to “like” certain apps on Facebook, etc.  With four children, I didn’t pull those off.  Our local Autism Society gave Ipads away, and we were not chosen either.  Consequently, when I applied for the Autism Speaks Ipad grant, I didn’t really expect a lot.

Low and behold, I received an email in November that an Ipad was coming.  This was the same year, I moved to a different house for safety reasons and was going through the divorce.  Receiving it was not only a joy for the children, but an incredible blessing for me.  Somehow, I felt remembered.  I felt validated.

My family thought I should save it for Christmas.  I couldn’t do that.  I was intent on getting the children the help they received at therapy appointments regularly at home.  I was ecstatic.  In the next post, I will share the apps I downloaded.

In the meantime, complete the short questions at this link:

Notification Autism Speaks Next Ipad Grant Is.  Keep it on your radar and apply when you are notified.  You too might receive a life changing Ipad.  Blessings to you and yours today and always,


If you like this post, please see Speech Therapy Tools where I share what the Ipad did for our youngest daughter.  I pray it inspires you.

I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!
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