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Special Needs Essentials Package
March 15, 2017
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March 20, 2017

MiniMed 630G Review

Type ! Diabetes Medtronic MiniMed 630 G Review. Type 1 Diabetes. Special Needs Help. Caregiver Support

630G Introduction

MiniMed 630G seemed to be the pump for Champ.  We looked at Animus, the TSlim X2, Insulet Omnipod, and a couple more.  The one that settled best with me was the MiniMed630G.

We chose MiniMed630G because in the summer (ish), Medtronic is scheduled to release a new system called Medtronic MiniMed 670G/Enlite 3 Hybrid Closed Loop.  We did not get the Closed Loop system yet since it isn’t FDA approved.  Although, as soon as it comes to market, we will give back our MiniMed630G, and Medtronic will replace it with the full Closed Loop System!  (That was tedious to type, let alone say it out loud).

The Why

One reason I chose the MiniMed630G at this time, was knowing the Closed Loop system is coming.  That should be a huge milestone for my ten year old, T1D, Champ!  The pump will shut off when he is active, heading into low blood sugar land.  The CGM, will communicate with the pump.  This new CGM system is said to be as precise as the Dexcom G5!

Another reason I chose the MiniMed630G is because it is “waterproof.”  While I don’t want to test this out for ourselves (it is supposed to last twenty-four hours in water), I am assured that I no longer will have to whisk Champ out of the rain.  In the past, anything wet sent me into a tizzy, “Get away from the water!  You are too close!  Don’t you dare ruin your pump!”  See what I mean?  Those outbursts are most likely embarrassing for Champ and myself.  Thus, now I can take a deep breath of relaxation, “It is waterproof.”

On the other hand, Champ wanted to wear it swimming and in the shower.  To this end, I replied, “No!”  I just don’t want to tempt fate with such a precious device.

Another Why is the new MiniMed630G has a new option of putting insulin in the body faster than the older MiniMed Revel that we had.  This makes dosing insulin quicker.  No longer is Champ pacing wishing he could do stuff only to have me scolding him, “Don’t you take off your pump until the insulin goes through.”

The last Why is that the Contour Meter still bluetooth delivers the number of the blood sugar into the pump.  This makes it easier for our family to give him the right amount of insulin.  Not to mention it helps his school too!

Tiny Frustrated

I am very pleased with the pump!  The only things that has frustrated me are:

  1.  The pump setting must be in yellow before accessing it.  Once it is yellow, we must push the middle “action” button.  This has taken me over three weeks to get used to and I still stumble over it.
  2. We didn’t get the plastic cover in our box as the other patients in our Endocrinology Practice did.  Thus, I still need to call Medtronic Customer Care Line and obtain it for Champ.  The silicone cover helped his last MiniMed Revel not crack… worth the call!
  3. On all settings, you have to wait and click “Save,” or it is lost.  This is different from the MiniMed Revel.  I’m sure it is a safety feature.
  4. This feature, I love and hate: you must push “Deliver Insulin,” before it goes through.  This is another safety issue, although doing the extra step and seeing the extra screen  seems annoying.  I love that there is a stop bolus option on the new pump.

Things We Love

The things we love are easy to list:

  1.  We love that this pump is in color.  The screen is easier to see.
  2. We love that it shows with color how much insulin is in the pump.
  3. The quick insulin dosing is amazing!
  4. We love the water resistance.
  5. I love that Champ picked up how to operate this one so quickly!
  6. The new technology of the closed loop on the horizon is awesome hopeful for us.
  7. Champ has used Mio Sites for his MiniMed Revel.  We are so excited he can still use them!
  8. The Contour Meter is redesigned!  It is faster and easier than ever.

More Technology On the Horizon

A nice addition to the pump, we have yet to receive.  There are new “fancy” sites, made by Medtronic/BD’s new MiniMed Pro-Set with FlowSmart technology.  These include a hole on the site that enables insulin to still flow through if there is an occlusion.  So, they added an extra side hole to aid in insulin delivery.

We have yet to get these sites because they are not to market yet.  Although, Diabtribe did get to “test drive” them (jealous) and has a great post about them HERE.

Wrap Up

Knowing the Closed Loop Technology should be delivered to us this summer, where the pump will intuitively turn itself off when there is low blood sugar, made getting the MiniMed630G a “no brainer.”  In addition to being waterproof, and much faster, the new pump is a winner for us considering what is coming.

However, I still dream of the day, Champ won’t have to worry about his blood sugar.  I long for the day, when finger pricking, juice boxes, and long lines at the pharmacy no longer belong in our lives.  Any advancement helps.  A cure is what is desperately needed.

There is an “Urban Myth,” that the cure to cancer, diabetes, and AIDS already exists.  The myth says that the powers that be make so much money off the diseases, that they prevent the cure from being public.  I pray this is false.  How dare anyone make others suffer when an answer is here.

Check out the MiniMed 630G for yourself at Medtronic’s Website.  See if you think it is a fit for you or your loved one.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come back again soon.  Let us know what pump you are using if you are in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you!

Blessings to you and yours today and always,


PS For more on the topic of Type 1 Diabetes, Read this post: Bag of Diabetes Supplies – What’s Inside Champ’s Bag?.



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