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March 17, 2017
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March 24, 2017

News #4: Oils Business

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News: Following Up for Classes with People

The first news is not very positive.  I had a terrible first two months with sharing Young Living.  Trying to hold three classes, not one person showed up to two of them.  One person attended in early February.  However, she was very against buying anything, ever.  Sigh.

Convinced, I should not give up, I turned to YouTube (sounds smart).  Watching videos such as: How to Host Successful Oils Class and Why Young Living Business became a big hobby. Besides that, I tried to follow Sarah Harnisch’s advice as much as possible from her book: Game Plan (Gameplan: The Complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter Kit to Silver). (affiliate link).
Young Living Essential Oils Game Plan by Sarah Harnisch. Great Resource. Caregiver Support. I am able to work this business while being a single mom and taking care of four kids with lots of doctor's appointments & therapies.

She talks of publicizing classes on Facebook and posting daily about the class.  I have been doing that too.  Now, at the suggestion of my “Upline,” I also call anyone interested the night before.  Finally in March, folks came to every single class thus far.

News: The Struggle Is Real

The struggle came when I did my first Facebook Live Info Session.  Preparation was set: I downloaded OBS software, I had my killer Power Point Presentation ready, and seven whole people were watching from the beginning.  As I went to access my internal video camera, my computer NO LONGER RECOGNIZED IT!  I was up a creek without a paddle.

Deciding I would not be silenced, I did the class without my PP slides from my cell phone.  To my knowledge, no one signed up from that class.  I feel like I butchered the class, despite this I am getting better.  I ordered a new inexpensive Web Camera. Logitech HD Webcam C525, Portable HD 720p Video Calling with Autofocus.  I plan to use this for my next Online Workshop, using OBS’s Studio Mode as well.
The camera I got from Amazon.com to do Facebook Live Classes on. So far it works great! Young Living Essential Oils. Work from Home. Caregiver Support.

News: Increasing the Organization

Several days later, I had my first Oils Workshop at my house.  Two Guests came.  They each ordered a kit.

The next day, I did another Oils Workshop at my kid’s Taekwondo Dojo.  Only one person came.  He was in a hurry. Despite the time crunch, he did purchase the Premium Starter Kit.

News: Follow Up with New Members

Immediately I sent each person a thank you note with a visual about Essential Rewards.  The man from Taekwondo is thrilled with Ningxia Red (he tasted it like wine – very funny).  Included in his thank you note, was a graphic about the Thirty Benefits of Ningxia Red.

30 Reasons to Use Ningxia Red. Young Living Essential Oils. Work from Home. Caregiver Support.

No one’s starter kits have arrived yet.  As soon as they do, I have asked that they contact me.  I’m offering to come to their houses and walk them through their kits, showing them how to use the Diffuser.  At this time, I want to review Essential Rewards (Young Living’s Frequent Shopper Program).  My plan is to also bring oils that I think may be of help to the new Team Members (like Cedar wood, Orange, Tangerine, Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil), Oregano, Grapefruit, and Bergamot).Essential Rewards Flyer, similar to what I sent to New Members. Young Living Essential Oils. Caregiver Support. Work from Home.

News: I Got Domesticated (hold me I’m scared)

Yes, you read it correctly, sigh.  I actually did “Do It Yourself Essential Oils Projects,” all by myself (the house didn’t catch on fire or anything – shocker).  (For those who don’t know me personally, I have the rare skill of being able to set microwave popcorn on fire).

As I made this stuff (I’m not ready to come all the way out of the closet, so please keep this to yourself), I loved it!  The feeling of accomplishment and creativity filled my soul.  My only reason I made this crap was for my parties.

I made Organic chapstick with just three ingredients, any more and let’s be honest, there would have been fire.  All it took was Beeswax (I’m not even telling you to mind your own beeswax, it’s a real thing – who knew?!?)100% Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets 1lb (16 oz) Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade, Triple Filtered Bees Wax Pastilles Great for DIY Lip Balm Recipes Body Creams Lotions Deodorants By Mary Tylor Naturals
This is exactly what I used to make my home made, organic chapstick. Caregiver Support. Work from Home. Give Aways. Positive Parenting Specialized. Jenn Oils Hub, and coconut oil Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce
Coconut Oil I used to make Organic Homemade Chapstick <a target=
and Cinnamon Bark essential oil.  I am addicted to my chapstick!  It is truly amazing (if I must say so myself).

Then, I made Pillow Spray (not thrilled with how this came out.  I can’t win them all – I hear my mom saying it – weird).  Lastly, I also made a headache oil blend of Peppermint, Copaiba, and Frankincense(24, Clear, Mini (Approx. 4 ml, 1/8 fl. oz) Glass Roll on Bottles, with 3 – 3 ml Droppers).  I filled these 3/4ths of the way full with Earth’s Essentials 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil-16 Oz. Bottle.
Almond Oil is what used for the Oil Blends. Young Living Essential Oils. Work at Home. Caregiver Support.
The Roller Balls I used. However, next time I’m going to order: Grand Parfums Empty 1.5ml Micro Mini Rollon Dram Glass Bottles with Glass Roller Balls – Refillable Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll On – Bulk – 1/4 Dram Pack of 12.
Mini Roller Balls, would use less supplies. Young Living Essential Oils. Caregiver Support. Work from Home. These are the bottles I ordered: Fine Mist Mini Spray Bottles with Atomizer Pumps- for Essential Oils, Perfumes , & More – Empty Glass Bottles – Refillable & Reusable – Cobalt Blue -12 Pack – 2 oz.
Bottles I used to make the Pillow Spray. Give Aways. Work from Home. Young Living Essential Oils. Caregiver Support. This is Witch Hazel, that is similar to what I used: Swan Witch Hazel, 16 Ounce
Witch Hazel, similar to what I used to make the Pillow Spray. Essential Oil Give Aways. Work from Home. Caregiver Support. Abundance.

Wait for this sport’s fans: I also made… jewelry (I am the most non homemade person I know).  I made Diffuser Necklaces (Honbay 25Pcs Spiral Bead Cage Charms Pendants Findings for Max 18mm Beads (Silver)).
I used these Diffuser Necklaces to place in gift baskets for folks who brought friends to my parties or if they book a party. Work at Home. Easy Peasy. Caregiver Support. Positive Parenting Specialized. Young Living Essential Oils. Incentives. (Wool Inserts, I used to drop Essential Oils onto Dimensions Crafts 72-74019 Wool Ball Assortment for Needle Felting, Mini).  I used other supplies my daughter had laying around (thankfully, she has the DIY gene).
These are the inserts that go inside the necklaces. I used Release from Young Living as the fragrance. I need to rethink that as men came to the parties too. Doh. Work from Home. Caregiver Support. Young Living Essential Oils Incentives.  One might wonder if I was demon possessed by brewing up all this stuff.  Nope.  I’m poor.  So I made these goodies as cheaply as possible through Amazon.com.

I used these projects to make Gift Baskets (Fun Express Bright Blue Plastic Pails (1 Dozen)).
These are the baskets I ordered from Amazon.com for peeps who bring friends or book a party. I put a Welcome to Young Living Pamphlet inside, with a 5ml oil, a sample of Thieves, a chapstick, and a Diffuser Necklace. People seemed very pleased with these. for folks who brought friends and for those who booked a party at their houses for me.  This worked great by the way!  I also used the roller blends if someone became a member right then and there.  Included in the baskets were: a pamphlet about the Young Living Lifestyle, a chapstick, a necklace, a sample oil (5 ml), and a Thieves cough drop.

News: Getting Out of My Comfort Zone More

If that wasn’t enough, me myself, and I made goodie bags for each guest.  I now have the policy that I give every person who attends my classes an Oil’s Reference Guide (Pocket Edition).  Inside the goodie bags (Anleolife 60pcs Organza Bags Wedding Favors Candy Bag Wedding Bouquet Mesh Gift Bags 5.6*8.8” (gold)). These are 4x6 inch bags that I purchased for "Goodie Bags," for the Young Living Essential Oils Parties. I put a pocket oils reference guide in them. A sample of an oil. And, I place a flier I made called 9 Easy Steps to Become a Young Living Member. Easy Peasy. Work from Home. Caregiver Support. Essential Oils. are a sample of Thieves, a Reference Guide, and a form that explains how to become a member in case people need to leave early or want to speak to their partner first (the form includes my member number).

This again is completely against how I normally roll.  I tend to keep stuff overly simple.  Making anything besides dinner is out of my realm.

Another thing I have obtained is lots of inexpensive paper information resources for anyone who comes to a Class/Party.  This is an inexpensive way to give them knowledge about the different ways Young Living can impact their lives.  (I found these at Life Science Publishing).  My gut says that the more folks see how many areas Young Living Products can affect, the more apt they are to buy them.  Consequently, I try my best to load folks up with stuff as they leave.  I want them to have “plenty” to “chew on,” at home.

Lastly, I am buying six Pocket Versions of the Game Plan (Your Gameplan: Build a Life beyond Survival Mode). and sending people who I know can use abundance the book monthly.  Game Plan lays out explicitly how to make money through Young Living.  Giving some friends the Pocket Edition is the least I can do to put a vision in front of them that can change the rest of all of our lives!  So far, everyone has been blessed to receive my packets of information (I send them in the mail).  Enclosed is a handwritten letter from me and my monthly flyer stating when Workshops are held (What to call them?!? Classes, Parties, Workshops, Sessions, etc?)…
Game Plan by Sarah Harnisch. This is a smaller version of the big book. I send them to people who I see are good possibilities for Business Builders.

News: My Future Plans

I made a flyer to keep me accountable.  The flyer shows that I’m hosting five classes a month.  This is great!  At this time, if I’m not doing classes/parties/workshops/sessions, I feel antsy.  Sarah Harnisch said we need to hold four to six classes a month to progress in Young Living quickly.  Three classes are held at my house, one at the kid’s Taekwondo Dojo, and one class is a Facebook Live class.  The last class is a Business Builder’s Facebook Class.

I am also booking classes with New Members.  The idea is for whoever comes to their classes for their new members to be put under them.  I will do one class for them.  Then, they need to do a class and I will assist them, anyone goes under THEM.  The goal is after that, they are on their own.

My plan is to get to Executive as quickly as possible.  Then, I want to get to Silver in Six.  Helping make this goal come true, I added a Business Builder’s Class to my agenda.  I’m teaching this online through Facebook.  This is a once a month class for Business Builders.  I want to keep the meetings to an hour.

My aim with this group is to equip the New Members with information to replicate what they are experiencing with others.  Topics we will cover are: sharing Young Living compliantly, marketing, holding classes, getting people to classes, and more.  I want to keep the Live Videos Accessible in the group, in case someone misses them.

News: Investment

All the above took lots of time, planning, and money!  In the long run, I think all this footwork will pay off.  My systems are very reproducible.  I obtained most of my ideas from the first YouTube Video listed, in addition to Sarah Harnisch’s ideas in Game Plan.

Not everyone needs to have all these incentives.  My understanding of the culture here in Ohio is that if I want someone to ditch everything, attending a class, I better make it worth their while.  It is uncertain if someone, say in the South, would have to do all these steps.  For my peace of mind and success, I felt I needed to have the incentives.  No one came to a class (willing to buy), until I had tangibles for them.

News: Happy Ending in the Works

This concludes my Young Living News Action Update #4.  My last word of advice would be to put your Young Living Member Number on EVERYTHING!  I made a ton of fliers and forgot to include my number.  Those fliers are out there and anyone could jump in, influencing folks on other Teams or even brands of Essential Oils.

The Happy Ending comes from how pleased people are with the oils.  Every person thus far (knock on wood), has been completely excited.  All I can see is success.  No one I know loves smearing toxins on their skins or cleaning with products that make them cough or even their skin crack.

Save money with Thieves Cleaner. Pure. Non toxic. Chemical Free.

The response to Young Living has been very positive.  People don’t seem to mind spending money proactively for a healthier future.  I now have a team of Ten Folks.  My aim is to get everyone on Essential Rewards (Young Living’s Frequent Buyer Program), as this helps ensure that members use the products.  It also helps to have a more secure income for us, their up line.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope this encourages you to branch out.  Start a Multi Level Business yourself and see how quickly prosperity happens for you.  I highly recommend Young Living.  I see my up line having financial breakthroughs.  I know if they can do it, anyone can.

If you want to join Young Living, so you too can share oils & bring in income from it: please go to Youngliving.com/Us and enter my number: 1465747 as your enroller and sponsor number. You will be part of my team.  I will add you to four Facebook groups where you can learn how to use Essential Oils and build a successful work from home business.  Thank you.  I appreciate you!

Please come back again soon!  Blessings to you and yours today and always,

PS I started decorating my DIY projects with Washi Tape (12 Washi Tape Set, Decorative Colored Tape For Scrapbook Stickers & Adhesives, Planner Accessories, Paper Card Making & Craft Supplies, Scrapbooking Big Ideas, School Supply For Girls, Teens & Kids).  My oldest said my incentives looked “Ghetto,” which was not my goal.  Sigh.I used this Washi Tape to decorate my DIY projects. It did not stick well. My oldest Daughter said my stuff was "Ghetto." So, I ordered "Waterproof" Labels. Young Living Essential Oils. Work from home. Caregiver Support. Thus, I ordered some cute “Waterproof Labels.” Here are some: Mudder Essential Oil Bottle Stickers Labels Oval-shaped and Round Stickers Labels with Marker Pen, 8 Sheet of 772 Labels and Amazing Adhesive Water Proof Lip Balm Label Stickers with Tamper Tab, 108 Labels (9 Sheets) Curated Naturals Brand.
I bought these to use instead of the tape. I plan to print them using my inkjet printer and make pretty "packaging," for my DIY give aways. Young Living Essential OIls. Work at Home. Caregiver Support.Chapstick labels. Work from Home. Caregiver Support. Positive Parenting Specialized. Young Living Essential Oils.

I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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