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Activity At Christmas, 5 That Work Well
December 14, 2016
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My Passion For the Boy’s School
December 19, 2016

Vision Therapy: Free!

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What is Vision Therapy?

[bctt tweet=”Vision therapy is a doctor-supervised, non-surgical and customized program of visual activities designed to correct certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills.” username=”jennpositiviam1″]
Three of four of my children have needed Eye Tracking Therapy (or Vision Therapy) to help their eyes work together with their brains.  I found this type of therapy to be very expensive.  With our fancy private insurance, an estimate over $600.00 was determined for Lee to complete six to nine weeks of Therapy.  This was way to expensive for us.  The money was needed up front.  With the younger two I grew wiser, they have received “Eye Tracking Help” for free. (Remember, being followed by a true medical professional is invaluable.  One can’t put a price on that.  If money is tight, try these alternatives.  Medical professionals are BEST, to be clear).
I searched for less expensive means.  At Ohio State University Vision Clinic, I found we could do the therapy in conjunction with our insurance for $35.00 per half hour session.  The visits were stressful for Lee.  I thought the activities seemed fun.  He complained of headaches after the therapy.  My mommy instinct told me, his brain was working so hard during the session it made a toll on his body.
We had to park far away at the University and walk.  I was pregnant and these trips became all the more difficult.  Lee dreaded the appointments.  The $35.00 a week was breaking our bank, not to mention costing so much in gas.
 Today, with the creation of apps on Ipads and tablets, gaining Eye Tracking skills is easier to accomplish in our own home than ever.  Included in this post is a list of resources that you can do and use at home that will help any child with visual spatial delays, save money, time, and driving!

Who Needs Vision Therapy?

First, what are the signs of needing Eye Tracking Help?  What are things to watch for if your child is having a tough time with spatial input.  Symptoms of Dyslexia are a big red flag, which include: writing backwards, difficulty learning to read, difficulty with directions (such as right and left), a non preferred hand (ambidextrous), weak hand strength, and such.  A full checklist can be found at: Click here for a full Vision Therapy checklist of Symptoms.
For our youngest, it became apparent she needed help with visual spatial skills when she was not being able to find directions on worksheets.  She was also struggling to find pictures on pages.  She now receives Occupational Therapy at school once a week as part of her I.E.P.  Matt showed he needed vision therapy when he would constantly skip lines and words on pages.  Both of these were red flags that Eye Tracking Therapy was needed.
Lee’s formal Vision Therapy included hitting a ball suspended from a ceiling, touching lights on a board as quickly as possible, some “Pong” like computer games, and more.  His homework consisted of reading off number charts once a day as quickly as possible.  First with one eye covered, then with the other eye covered.  Lastly we would read the charts aloud with both eyes.  The homework increased to also working with Tangram puzzles:  Whitelotous 72 Puzzles Magnetic Tangram Toys Challenge IQ Montessori Educational Book.<a target="_blank" href="">Whitelotous 72 Puzzles Magnetic Tangram Toys Challenge IQ Montessori Educational Book</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> Amazon Affiliate. Vision Therapy. Parenting Special Needs. Caregiver Support. Positive Parenting Specialized..
Because getting to Therapy took a very long time and was expensive, we only did it for about four months. The first doctor who wanted so much money upfront, did Eye Tracking Therapy predominantly with goggles.   The less expensive Therapy at Ohio State, had various strategies to improved eye tracking.

How You Can Provide Vision Therapy At Home

When the two younger siblings needed the same therapy, we resorted to do exercises at home.  Activities that have helped at home have included doing mazes, dot to dots, finding hidden pictures, Where’s Waldo type of books Where’s Waldo? The Wonder Book
<a target="_blank" href="">Where's Waldo? The Wonder Book</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> Where's Waldo Books. Vision Therapy at Home for Free. Parenting Special Needs. Positive Parenting Specialized. Amazon Affiliate Link. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help., and copying shapes already drawn to paper.  Games like Simon Simon Electronic Memory Game
Give your child a Simon Electronic Toy. They will have fun, while working on working memory, fluency, and processing speed. Parenting Special Needs. Dyslexia. Vision Therapy. Learning Disabilities., Tetris Dazzling Toys Hot Kids’ Toys Educational Tetris Game Hand Held LCD Electronic Toys Brick Game
<a target="_blank" href="">Dazzling Toys Hot Kids' Toys Educational Tetris Game Hand Held LCD Electronic Toys Brick Game</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> Tetris Electronic Game. Vision Therapy. Parenting Special Needs. Amazon Affiliate Link. Positive Parenting Specialized. Caregiver Support. Special Needs Help., and Bop It Bop It! Game
<a target="_blank" href="">Bop It! Game</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> Bop It, Kids have fun, while working on Vision Therapy. Fluency, Working Memory, Processing Speed. Parenting Special Needs. Caregiver Support. Positive Parenting Specialized. Amazon Affiliate Link., tend to help strengthen these skills.
Websites were also helpful to Matt and Sophie, such as Therapy Fun Zone, and my favorite: Eye Can Learn.  I love Eye Can Learn because the whole site is vision therapy.  The creator has done a marvelous job explaining how to use the site.
The Vision Therapy Blog includes fun online games that can be played on their site.  (All About Vision Sports Skills Article, ) I almost forgot to mention that Vision Therapy also is a strong influence on athletes.  When Lee was going to Ohio State for Vision Therapy a few times the staff shared that we had just missed some of the Ohio State football players.  The players received Vision Therapy to maximize their speed and agility.

Vision Therapy Assists Everyone

The article about Vision Sports Skills article includes some ways that anyone can increase their skills for athletics.  I find it fascinating how Vision Therapy affects so many areas of life.  Watching my children practice these skills, often motivated me to do the same activities.  I would also call out the number charts with Lee.  It was fun to track both of our progress.
I found just from doing the number chart exercises, I felt I was reading faster.  My reaction timing felt quicker as well.  Fluency is a key to success in life.  Much of Vision Therapy improves the flow of eyesight, bringing greater awareness.

Reading Tools Suggested In Therapy

When Lee was receiving Vision Therapy, they gave us a small tool that really helped as Lee was learning to read.  It is called a vision tracker.  This one is under $15.00 on, but I have seen them for under $5.00.  They are basically colored transparency that were used with overhead projectors, if you remember those days?  (I feel really old now – EEEK!).  They come in different colors.  Used as people read to track what line they are on, which is very helpful!

EZ Magnibar with Aqua Tracker Line – 9 inches
Vision Tracker, great for helping people not lose their place when reading text. Dyslexia. Special Needs. Learning Disabilities. Real Help.

As far as Ipad apps go, we have not used any specifically for Vision Therapy.  When I received an Ipad for the children we focused more on behavior and communication (see the posts: Helpful Apps and Ipad: Life Changed.).  However, I have found some great sites that suggest some pretty stellar apps.  These include: App Crawlr – Visual Spatial Apps, OTs with Apps, Vision Tap App, and Vision Help Blog.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas with where to begin with Eye Tracking Skills.  Vision Therapy tends to be controversial, similarly to chiropractics.  People either really believe in the Therapy or they are completely opposed to it.

It is my thought that it is useful!  Vision tracking issues seems more common all the time. [bctt tweet=”I hope you can implement some of the home strategies that I have included, so Vision Therapy will be fun, easily accessed, and inexpensive. Your children won’t even know they are honing a skill when playing with the activities described.” username=”jennpositiviam1″]

Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come back again soon.  Share this with a family who needs some encouragement.  It is never too late to try something new.  Blessings to you and yours today and always,


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 Go on over to now, and purchase one of these suggestions.  Try it for a month.  See what happens!  Please share the results.  How do you work on Vision Tracking at your house?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.  Thank you in advance!
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