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Mountain or Molehill?
July 8, 2017
3 Solutions for Summer Slump. These are three easy activities to stop summer blah. They are easy, inexpensive, and fun. Included, is an info-graphic full of ideas to squelch the slump. Enjoy! Special Needs Help. Parenting. Caregiver Support. Thrive. Positive Parenting Specialized.
3 Summer Slump Solutions
July 17, 2017

Yes, We Can – Caregiver Edition

Yes, we can - Caregiver Edition.

Yes, We Can

Yes.  It is a beautiful sounding word.  Yes, yes, yes!  However, for caregivers it is a phrase that we can not often say.  Circumstances hold us back.  Priorities fill our calendars, leaving little room for “Yes.”

However, dear Caregiver, I challenge us to change our minds.  Instead of feeling pushed aside or heavy; let us find a way to block in time for more yes.

Yes to Self Care

One yes we simply can not skip is self care.  Often the great vaccination to depression is taking time to care for ourselves.  To put it straight forward, “Every inward experience has an outward expression.”  Often times, getting up, dressing up is half the battle.

Self care gives us vision.  Without vision, people parish, the Proverbs states.  Say yes to self care, so we do not lose ourselves.

Yes to Endeavors

We owe it to ourselves to still thrive within the confines of our situation.  Limiting ourselves in the midst of muck and mire, only hinders our healthy feelings.  Block in time to do what makes us happy.

This is different from self care.  These endeavors are things that support worth.  It could be volunteering, staying current on a career, personal investment time (reading, taking a course).

Being active in these endeavors keeps mental muck at bay.  We are no longer drowning in circumstance.  Our perspective is freshened by new thoughts, scenery, and perhaps influences in our lives.

Yes to Friends

We all need human contact.  Studies show we become like the five people we are around most.  It is vital to say yes to positive influences.

Positive peer pressure often brings out the best in us.  Find those who help our lives, not hindering them with more drama.  Never let those people go.

Friendship can be a lifesaver (see post).  Find those who have overcoming personalities.  As we hang around good influences, we change.  Transforming into our highest potential.

Yes, Changing Vocabulary

Suddenly, with these purpose heart decisions, we are transforming.  Our very heart is becoming more engaged in a healthier way.

The Bible states in Matthew, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  I bet, as we make saying “Yes,” to these things a priority our words change too.

Suddenly, there aren’t as many “I can’t,” but words like “in spite of, ” or “Despite this or that…”  “I CAN AND I WILL.”  Sweet Caregiver, we can either hide behind those we care for or we can shine.  The only way we can shine, is by being healthy enough to truly live.

Live, not by barely getting by, but live out loud.  This is our only shot.  We will never have these moments again.

Yes, Challenge

Today, I challenge us to say yes more to healthy things.  I’m not saying spread ourselves thin.  What I am saying is make us more of a priority.

If it means getting up earlier for some personal reflection time, if it means taking a few moments outside… I am saying we need to do what it takes to live a beautiful life.  Do more of what makes us feel happy and free.

Get unstuck today.  Spread our wings and fly.  Not neglecting what we have, but keeping ourselves able to be the best caregivers we can be.

We are loved, needed, and must be healthy ourselves.  Yes, we can!  Yes, we are gifts.  Yes, Yes, Yes!

Thank you for stopping by today.  Please come again soon.  Blessings to you and yours today and always,


I live in Columbus, Ohio USA, grown up here all my life. I love yoga, walking, riding bike, reading, bargain shopping, serving at church. Usually though, I'm napping in a doctor's office waiting area with one or two of the Fantastic Four Children. My passion is helping other families with extra health, behavioral, and learning issues like mine. Let's enjoy life... TOGETHER. It's more fun that way =)!

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